Effective Communication: Communities and Bushfire Final Report

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Community Safety
Health and Safety
Risk Management
TitleEffective Communication: Communities and Bushfire Final Report
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsFairbrother, P, Mees, B, Tyler, M, Phillips, R, Akama, Y, Chaplin, S, Toh, K, Cooper, V
Date Published08/2014
ISBN Number978-0-9925684-0-5
AbstractBushfire is an increasing threat in Australia, with population movement and mobility, shifts in climate patterns and the unevenness in preventive measures across the country. It raises specific questions for populations living in localities as well as for governments and agencies tasked with the question of how to ensure the ongoing safety of the communities that constitute these localities. Effective communication is central to the processes of bushfire preparedness and response. Two approaches are possible, one focusing on the modes, forms and content of communication in the event of fire (media research) and the other examining ways communication takes place within complex social relationships, involving citizens, residents, workers, protective and service agencies, and governments. It is the latter that is the focus of this project.