Overview - October 2013 NSW bushfires research findings

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TitleOverview - October 2013 NSW bushfires research findings
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsWright, L, McLennan, J, Birch, A, Penman, TD
ISBN Number978-0-9925027-3-7
AbstractThis overview provides a consolidation of the findings from the interviews and online surveys conducted by the Bushfire CRC researcher into the community understanding of bushfire safety and responses in the context of the October 2013 Bushfires in NSW. This work was commissioned by NSW Rural Fire Service. This research had two separate – but interconnected – components, (i) a series of interviews with residents in a number of fire impacted communities, and (ii) an online survey (also targeted to those communities but open more broadly to fire impacted areas in NSW ) each of these has been analysed and reported upon in detail in the reports submitted. Both components focused on common themes and the following summarises the combined responses. The executive summaries from the two individual reports are provided at the end of the consolidated findings.