2010 HighFire Forum: Albury

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Many years of research have been dedicated to investigating fire management issues in the high country of Australia with particular reference to fuel loads and fuel management.

The Bushfire CRC, through its HighFire project and other research in the high country, has gathered findings that will be useful for fire practitioners to support an improved awareness in their operational activities.

This two-day forum in May 2010 in Albury presented the latest research findings to operational fire managers with the aim of raising awareness and providing opportunities for researchers and operational fire managers to interact and discuss the major issues.

 Keynote speakers

Key speakers included Shane Fitzsimmons, Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service , researchers Dr Jason Sharples and Prof Mark Adams , and Bob Conroy, Executive Director Parks Management, NSW Dept of Environment and Climate Change.


To present and stimulate discussion on research into fire in Australia’s high country.

This seminar attracted fire managers and practitioners working in alpine and sub-alpine regions of New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland.

News from the Event

A two-day forum on Fire in the High Country attracted 110 people in May 2010. The forum was held in Albury and featured much Bushfire CRC research from the HighFire Project as well as other Bushfire CRC research related to the issue.

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