Sydney 2011: Annual Conference

Sydney annual conference4

The Bushfire CRC and AFAC annual conference was at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, at Darling Harbour, Australia, from Monday 29 August to Thursday 1 September 2011.

The Bushfire CRC Science Day - this was the focus of the final day, with more than 200 participants. See the proceedings.

For all other conference proceedings, plus posters, video and photos go to the Knowledge Web.

News from the Event

Fire weather post conference workshop 2011
A total of 1430 people came to our annual conference in Sydney in late August.
Jim McLennan_Strathewan 2009
Professor Jim McLennan of La Trobe University has been awarded the Bushfire CRC's Special Recognition Award for the high quality of his research leadership and mentoring researchers.
Gary Morgan at conference launch
The AFAC & Bushfire CRC Conference in Sydney kicks off next week at Darling harbour. The conference theme this year is New World, New Thinking and you can follow it on the Knowledge Web.
Only three weeks to go to the Bushfire CRC – AFAC annual conference in Sydney, with a wide range of speakers and researchers confirmed.
Launch of 2011 conference in Sydney - Minister with group
The NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services has launched the conference program for the upcoming Bushfire CRC and AFAC annual conference.
Launch of 2011 conference in Sydney - Minister Gallacher
The Sydney City historic fire station No 1 was a fitting venue to launch the AFAC and Bushfire CRC annual conference that will be held in Sydney later this year, themed around ‘New World, New Thinking’.
The 2011 annual conference of the Bushfire CRC and AFAC is now offering two opportunities for presenters.

Other Resources

Brief highlights from the first day of the 2011 Bushfire CRC and AFAC annual conference, at Darling Harbour in Sydney, 29 August 2011.

Brief highlights from the second day of the 2011 Bushfire CRC and AFAC annual conference, at Darling Harbour in Sydney, 30 August 2011.



Research Posters

Author Title
The Dirt On Assessing Post-Fire Erosion
Bushfire Simulation Table - A Versatile and Adaptable Learning Tool
Children’s Knowledge of Bushfire Risk
Exploring A Capacity For Adaptive Governance In The (Bush) Fire Management Policy Sector: The Role Of Bureaucrats & Reflexive Learning
Facilitating Community Preparedness: Community Perspective, Collaboration and Engagement
The Role of Worst Case Scenarios In Bushfire Decision Making: Research Findings and Recommendations
Validation of Satellite Assessment Methods for Grassland Curing in New Zealand
Communicating Risk
Author Title
Bushfire Communication Schema – Tracking Variety Of Sources, Modes and Audience
Civilian Decision Making Under Stress: Use of Fire Agency Web-Sites on Black Saturday
Couple’s Decision-Making About Forming a Bushfire Plan
Effective Communication – Bushfire and Communities: Victoria and Tasmania
Effective Communication- Communities And Bushfire Research Project Tasmania, Victoria & Western Australia* State-Level Initial Findings
Marysville Black Saturday Bushfire Survivors’ Experiences of Preparedness, Survival, Attachment, Loss, Grief, Resilience and Recovery
Risk Communication, Perception and Warning Fatigue: The Australian Bushfires
The Impact of Social Networks on Information Flow In Fire‐Risk Communities
The Relationship Between Individual Differences in Anxiety and Cognitive Biases Towards or Away from Fire in a Bushfire Prone Community
Why I'd Stay, and What I've Done to Prepare for it: The Role Of Goals and Worries in Bushfire Preparedness
Economics and Future Scenarios
Author Title
Future Scenarios for Australian Bushfires
Integrated Assessment of Prescribed Burning
Managing the Threat
Author Title
A Model for the Intersection of Wildfires and Erosive Storms in Space and Time
Awake, Smoky and Hot - 2011 Project Update
Do Woody Legumes Use Flammability to Promote Their Persistence?
Effects of Bushfire Smoke on Plant Physiology
Extracting and Analysing Kilmore Fire Coordination Network
Fires and Hydrology of North Eastern Australian Mixed‐Species Forests
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fire and their Environmental Effect
Health Effects Of Bushfire Smoke
Impact of Fuel Reduction Burning on Carbon Balance in Victoria’s Forests
Integrated Optimisation Model for Fuel Management and Suppression Preparedness Planning
Is Alien Plant Invasion a Threat to Burning of Australian Forests?
Learning through networks within Emergency Management Response
Managing Fatigue-Risk During Long Deployments: Rationale for a Sustained Operations Mode
Muscle Activity During the Pack Hike Test and a Simulated Rakehoe Task
Numerical Modelling of New Zealand Fire Weather and Utility of Fire Danger Indices
Organising for Effective Incident Management
Physical Selection Test Development and Validation for Australian Rural Firefighters
Studying Firebrands Using A Vertical Wind Tunnel
Team Decision Making Breakdowns in the Wangary and Kilmore East Fires
The When and Where of Future Fire: Towards an Australian Fire Occurrence Model
Using Numerical Weather Prediction to Forecast Wind Direction Variability
Wildfire Impact on Hydrology Within Sydney’s Drinking Water Supply Catchments
Understanding Risk
Author Title
Phoenix Rapidfire – A Bushfire Simulator and Risk Assessment Decision Support Tool
Activity Modelling For Risk Assessment and Emergency Management Applications Focussing on Peri-Urban Regions
Bushfire Risk Perception: A Study Of The Perceived Vulnerability Of Domestic Architecture In Bushfire Prone Areas
Climate Change and Fire in the Queensland Wet Tropical Forest
Everyday Practices: Volunteer Organisations and Communities Engaged in the Place of Bushfire
F.I.R.E. D.S.T. Fire Impact And Risk Evaluation Decision Support Tool
Litigation and Australian Bushfires
Managing Bushfire: Diverse Values, Shared Vision? An Evaluation of the Hotspots Fire Training Project
Mind the Policy Gap: Planning for Fire Risk and Emergency Management in the Context of Climate Change
NSW Bushfire Weather Under the Infuence of Climate Change
Reforming the Insurance Regime from a Post Disaster Recovery Regime to the Creation af a Resilient Australia
Remote Sensing Of Fire Severity in North Australia
Social Construct of Fuels In The Interface: The Social Construction Of Landscape
The Complex Network within Bushfire Investigation Strategy an International Comparative Analysis of Communicational Dynamics Between Post-Bushfire Investigative Departments
Verification of High-Resolution Forecasts from Access
Vulnerability and Impact Modeling Fire Imapact & Risk Evaluation - Decision Support Tool - FIRE - DST
What Is The Problem With Sharing Responsibility?