Keeping cool is more than a mind game

Important research has been conducted over the past few years in respect to firefighter cooling and hydration, designed to ensure the firefighters' core temperatures are maintained at a safe level

The Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service hosted a Bushfire CRC sponsored seminar on Tuesday 10 April in Darwin to familiarise firefighters and staff with the research outcomes, and followed this with a workshop designed to develop a matrix for application of suitable cooling techniques in variable conditions.

Presenters included Dr Brad Aisbett (Deakin University), Dr Glen Deakin (James Cook University) and Dr Ian Norton and Matt Brearley (National Crisis Care and Trauma Response Centre).

News from the Event

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Posted: 11 years 7 months ago

The Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service hosted a seminar and workshop on firefighter cooling on Tuesday 10 April 2012 with sponsorship and support of the Bushfire CRC and assistance by the James Cook University.

The event brought together representatives of Bushfires NT, St John Ambulance, AirServices Australia and a number of NTFRS members with a role as...

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