Research Advisory Forum 6

Research Advisory Forum Hobart 2012_1

News from the Event

Research Advisory Forum Hobart 1
The sixth Research Advisory Forum was held in Hobart, in May 2012.

Research Stream Presentations

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Activity modelling for risk assessment and emergency management
Will Thurston Boundary-layer rolls and how they contribute to fire spread
Breakdowns in coordinated decision making
Gloria Maikano Bushfires in Botswana
Nick Gill Co-existing with fire: managing risk and amenity at the urban/rural interface
Couple's decision making processes for household bushfire plans
Educational strategies in bushfire behaviour training
Enhancement of fire behaviour models
Robert Fawcett Fine scale meteorology of Black Saturday
Fire impact and risk evaluation decision support tool
Fire in the landscape overview
Hotspots fire training program
How does burning influence forsest carbon storage
How householders make decisions during bushfires
Human behaviour under stress overview
Incident management organising
Incident management organising - overview
Mainstreaming fire and emergency management across legal and policy sectors
Managing stress through the modification of thought
Quantifying water quality risks following fire
Social Construction of Fuels in the Interface
Social construction of fuels in the interface - overview
Tertiary bushfire course
Understanding community preparedness and response to bushfire emergencies
Urban and regional planning systems
Water quality risks following wildfire