Research Advisory Forum 8

Research Advisory Forum, Sydney, October 2012

The biannual Bushfire CRC Research Advisory Forum was hosted by Western Australia Department of Conservation and Environment (DEC) at its new premises in Perth. The forum featured research updates from around half the current research program over two days in May.

The Bushfire CRC holds the forum every six months to review the progress of ongoing projects. Researchers and Lead End Users were given the opportunity to present an update of their activities and invited discussion from across the members of the Bushfire CRC. The forum provides an invaluable forum to get broad feedback from all stakeholders to support the research.

News from the Event

RAF in Perth, May 2012
The biannual Bushfire CRC Research Advisory Forum was hosted by the Western Australia Department of Conservation and Environment (DEC) in late May at its new premises in Perth.

Research Stream Presentations

CRC Author Author Download
Communicating Risk - Phase 6, 7 and Perth Bush fire social networks
Dr Raoul Oehmen Community level influence on individual behaviours with respect to bushfire readiness & decision making in the face of immediate threat
Jessica Boylan Developing a Measure of Psychological Preparedness
Dr. Bryan Boruff Developing a WebGIS Based Household Specific Bushfire Risk Communication Framework
Michael BurtonJoel KelsoDrew Mellor Economic analysis of prescribed burning for wildfire management in Western Australia
Fire DST – a lead end user perspective
Fire Impact & Risk Evaluation – Decision Support Tool (FireDST)
Integrated economic assessment of prescribed burning
Mainstreaming law & policy project: A (nearly) end of project report…
Northern Fire Mapping: Developing robust fire extent and severity mapping products for the tropical savannas
Planning for Risk and Uncertainty: preliminary results
Putting it together: mapping narratives of bushfire and place in two Australian communities
Sharing Responsibility - perspectives & myths
Smoke Dispersion modelling
Social Construction of Fuels in the Interface
Studying fire weather with ACCESS
Mark A. Griffin Understanding Community And Preparedness: Building Towards Bushfire Prepared Individuals
kimberley OpieAnders SigginsGlenn NewnhamDarius CulvenorFelix Lipkin Vulnerability/Impact Modelling at the Broad Landscape Scale