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Putting Research to Good Use

The extension research program at the Bushfire CRC is now drawing to a close with most projects either having finished up or close to completing. 

Having received Australian Government funding in 2010 to conduct research into the national issues raised by the 2009 Black Saturday fires, the Bushfire CRC will hold a special event to showcase the achievements of this three year research program.

A combined Research Advisory/Utilisation Forum will be held in early 2014.

More details of date and venue to come.

As part of this important milestone End User partners are encouraged to invite others within their organisations to attend to hear about the range of work completed. We are currently sourcing an appropriate venue that can comfortably seat a larger group over the two days.

The details of the Forum agenda and guidelines for the presentations are being worked through.

As this Research Advisory/Utilisation Forum will mark the culmination of three years of research under the extension program all projects in the current program will present at the Forum with the focus being on Research Utilisation, that is, on how the research can be used by our partners for the benefit of the community. 


When: Early 2014

Where:  Venue TBC.

News from the Event

(sorry, no news items for this event)

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Ten years of national bushfire research is no small achievement. I am looking forward to celebrating and showcasing our work, firstly, at the three-day annual Bushfire CRC/AFAC conference early next month, then later in October, at the research showcase event “Putting Research to Good Use”.

This later event is all about being active in getting 10 years of good...

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Gary Morgan