Next G fire prediction

Next G fire prediction

This online forum was held on 27 May 2014

Duration: 1 hour


Hosted by Tanya Ha, award winning science journalist and former ABC Catalyst Reporter

Research projects covered: Risk Assessment Decision Toolbox, Fire Behaviour Model Prediction (Phoenix RapidFire), Understanding the Distribution of Smoke and Particles

What’s it about?

This collaborative research project has produced the Fire Impact and Risk Evaluation Decision Support Tool (FireDST), a proof of concept simulation system that aims to provide critical fire planning information to emergency services, government and the public. FireDST is an advanced software program that coul;d be used to understand the potential impacts a bushfire may have on community assets, infrastructure and people. FireDST demonstrates the ability to predict the probabilities of both neighbourhood and house loss, as well as the potential health impacts of bushfire smoke and the areas that are likely to be affected by a bushfire.

The Phoenix RapidFire fire spread model has been used as the engine for the FireDST proof of concept. The forum also covered the latest developments in Phoenix RapidFire, as well as what is planned for the future.

The forum aimed to stimulate an interactive discussion between researchers and the audience.  

Watch the short video that provides an overview of the proof of concept. 

Replay the entire forum

Who can benefit from this research?

  • Fire operations staff
  • Incident controllers
  • Fire behaviour analysts
  • Firefighters with an interest in fire spread modelling

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News from the Event

Replay the Next G fire prediction forum
Over 120 people participated in the Next G fire prediction online forum earlier this week, covering the FireDST project.
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