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This forum was held on Tuesday 29 July 2014

Duration: 1 hour approx.


Prof Peter Fairbrother, RMIT University

John Schauble, Lead end user, Emergency Management Victoria

Research projects covered: Effective communication: communities and bushfire

What's it about?

Bushfire is an increasing threat in Australia, with changing populations, shifting climate patterns and inconsistencies in prevention measures nationwide.  It raises specific questions for vulnerable communities living in fire-prone localities, as well as for the government bodies and agencies managing safety within these communities.

Effective communication is central to the processes of bushfire preparedness and response.  This research explores the way communication takes place within complex social relationships, involving citizens, residents, workers, protective and service agencies and governments.

The research generates critical knowledge and theory of effective strategies and options for communication in bushfire risk communities, as well as providing an understanding of the way that communities respond to risk. It has designed, developed and tested tools to enable effective communication strategies for optimising community safety.

Overview video of the research


Recording of the online forum


Who attended?

  • Community safety practitioners
  • Communications managers and practitioners
  • Community members
  • Community groups
  • Members of the media

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