Awake, smoky and hot!

Awake, smoky and hot!

This forum was held on 22 September 2014


Research projects covered: Operational readiness of rural firefighters, Beyond endurance sustaining operations and Air toxins

What's it about?

A series of studies have explored the possible impacts of three fire ground stressors on firefighters – smoke, sleep disruption, and heat. Experiments measured and modelled toxic emissions that firefighters could be exposed to while fighting fires at the urban/rural interface. Studies also employed novel laboratory based simulation of fire ground work to examine the impacts that shortened sleep and high temperatures have on firefighter physical and cognitive performance. Some investigations of the impact of shift length and rosters were also conducted. This research was sponsored by fire agencies and the results offer insights to help safeguard workers operational readiness.

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Who attended?

  • Operational managers
  • Firefighters
  • Workforce managers
  • Workforce safety specialists

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