Thinking under fire

Photo by CFA Communities and Communication

What's it about?

This forum, held on 21 October, 2014, offers new insights on what people and their communities think and do in relation to bushfire threat.
It has unlocked new findings from a series of studies conducted by Bushfire CRC researchers over the past four years.
The research delivers a range of valuable findings which could be used to enhance community safety, education and development initiatives.
These human behaviour insights can assist in:
  • Recognising how people and their communities are different and respond in different ways to  risk and bushfire.
  • Defining and measuring bushfire preparedness from the perspective of householders and their ‘goals’.
  • Explaining why some communities and their people prepare more than others.
  • Understanding why some people delay making decisions until the last minute.
  • Learning how to help people make decisions to mitigate risk and survive.


Research projects covered: Community level influence on individualsManaging the threat through the modification of thoughtInformation processing under stress and Decision making under stress

Overview video of the research

Replay the online forum

Who attended?

  • Community safety practitioners
  • Communications managers and practitioners
  • Community members
  • Community groups
  • Members of the media

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