2011: Events

This page lists Bushfire CRC events for 2011.

Professional development events

Understanding the human factors that influence decision making and performance in emergency services contexts - joint Bushfire CRC and AFAC workshops.

Research Advisory Forum Canberra 5

Research Advisory Forum (5) was at the Australian National University in Canberra, 25-26 October 2011.

AFAC/BCRC - Professional development opportunity: Emergency Management Exercising, Decision Making and Training Efficacy

Fire weather post conference workshop 2011

The three day post-conference workshop addressed a wide range of issues relating to fire weather.

Science day4

Science Day was the third day of the 2011 Bushfire CRC and AFAC annual conference in Sydney.

Sydney annual conference3

The Bushfire CRC / AFAC conference is Australasia's foremost annual emergency services conference attracting over 1300 delegates from all over the world.

Northern Fire Managers June 2011(2)

The North Australian Fire Management Group met at the Kimberley Grand Hotel in Kununurra from 15-16 June. It was hosted by WA Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) the WA Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) and the Bushfire CRC.

Stakeholder Council 2011 AGM 1

A Stakeholder Council AGM was held on 23 November 2011 in Melbourne.

Fire danger rating in Canada: a new generation of the Canadian Fire Danger Rating System. A seminar with Dr Mike Wotton, Canadian Forest Service.

Research Advisory Forum (4) was at the QFRS offices in Brisbane, 25-26 May 2011.

Bushfire Science public event in Stawell - John Schauble

Free Range Science presented Bushfire Science in Stawell on 11 May 2011. The Bushfire CRC supported this event with presentations and discussions on current studies in the area of bushfire science.