Newsletter: May 2009

Taskforce News: May 2009

Taskforce begins data consolidation

The Bushfire CRC multi-agency Research Taskforce has ended its data collection phase with the last teams completing their field tours in the final week of April.

With more than 650 recorded interviews, 22,000 photographs, hours of video, and large quantities of other data, we are now working hard to consolidate all this data before we can begin to analyse it. The data is being added to a geospatial database, which will be an invaluable resource for researchers and policy makers well into the future.


While this is being done we are now in the early stages of writing up the research. The end result of this will be a report that covers the three broad research themes of the Taskforce:

  • Property assessment
  • Human behaviour
  • Fire behaviour

This report will first be presented to the Victorian sponsors of the Taskforce in June. Shortly after, the report will be available to other supporters of the Taskforce then, finally, to the public.

Field Trip

Many Bushfire CRC Stakeholder Council and Bushfire CRC Governing Board members took advantage of a field trip to several areas burnt in February after their meetings in April. The field trip met with Taskforce members in the field to discuss first hand the extent of the research being undertaken. The day included visits to Marysville, Kinglake and Strathewen.


Release date

Wed, 06/05/2009