What is a Condom Tree, and What is its Role in Bushfire Research

Presentation at Research Forum of the 2012 Bushfire CRC and AFAC Annual Conference.

Being prepared for a bushfire. This is what we would like to see for each family in each community we work with. We would like to see property prepared, plans ready, people responding to fire hazard warnings, and generally being very sensible. It is not a big thing to ask, is it ? It may not be a big thing to ask, but it is certainly not a simple thing. We have been working for decades to try and get people to do far more simple things, eat less fat, drink less alcohol, protect yourself from the sun, be more active, take you medication and have safer sexual practices. One way to understand why people don't do things that we think are good for them, is the CONDOM TREE. This is a pictorial representation of a number of different theories that explain why we do what they do, or don't do. This talk will explore how the tree helps us understand bushfire preparedness behaviour, and how to use it to inform community and individually targeted interventions to increased preparedness. 

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