Burning Under Young Eucalypts Field Guide

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‘Burning under young eucalypts: a guide for prescribed burning and post-burn assessment’ was written by PhD scholar Phil Lacy (UNSW). The guide was developed from a study that characterised fuels, described fire behaviour and determined the effect of low to moderate intensity fire on young eucalypt trees. Data was collected between 2005-2007 over six sites, two species and three age classes in Northern NSW.

Agency involvement in the development of the field guide included Country Fire Authority – VIC, Department of Environment and Conservation –WA and Forests NSW.


About this guide
Key abbreviations

1. Fuel and stand assessment

Fuel layers
Fuel load immediately around the stem
Minimum stem diameter
Elevated fuel height
Elevated fuel cover
Grass curing
Bark hazard

2. Pre-burn planning

Wind speed
Near-surfae fuel moisture content
Rate of spread
Rare of spread correction for slope
Ignition pattern

3. Post-burn assessment

Assessing stem damage
Extent of stem damage
Crown damage


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