Field Guide to Smoke Exposure Management

'Field guide to Smoke Exposure Management’ was written by Fabienne Reisen and Mick Meyer (CSIRO). This field guide is no longer available.
The publication contains information to assist fire agencies in managing smoke exposure on the fire ground. It is part of the Bushfire CRC project D2.2 ON ‘Air toxics exposure and management’. 

The aim of the guide is to provide advice to fire line supervisors and manager on the fire ground so they can quickly recognise high exposure risk situations and undertake mitigation strategies to minimise high exposure.

Agency involvement in development of the field guide included the Department of Environment and Conservation –WA, Country Fire Authority – VIC, Department of Environment and Heritage –SA and Tasmania Forestry.


Exposure leves and recommended mitigation measures
High and Very High
Bushfire air toxics and health impacts

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