Human Factors Interview Protocol (HFIP) Field Guide

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An interview guide for investigating the human factors that affect operational decision making.

This field guide for emergency service agencies explains how to conduct interviews that elicit high-quality recollections from agency staff about their experiences in the field. The Protocol aims to reveal what participants were thinking as they experiences events and how 'human factors' influenced their decisions and actions. It is intended to complement, not replace, other post-incident interview methods.


Introduction - Human factors interview protocol (HFIP)

Part One

1. What is the Human Factors Interview Protocol (HFIP)?
2. What are human factors
3. Examples of individual human factors
4. Examples of group influences
5. Why are human factors are important
6. HHow does the HFIP ensure quality data while replying on the interviewee's memory?
7. Why you should use the HFIP
8. Who can be interviewed using the HFIP?
9. What can the HFIP be used for?
10. Do you need to have training in psychological techniques to be interviews?

Part Two

11. Using the HFIP - the Key Steps

General Tips

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