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Fire experts have long recognised that characteristics of fuels and weather are key drivers of fire behaviour. A seminar exploring these issues was held as part of the September 2009 Bushfire CRC/AFAC conference on the Gold Coast. The seminar gave fire and land managers a chance to hear from the researchers about the work being conducted all across Australia and New Zealand by the Bushfire CRC and develop an in-depth understanding of specific fire issues.

A set of DVDs based on the seminar presentations is now available. They may be ordered individually or as a set.

These are valuable tools that organisations can use, produced as part of the Bushfire CRC’s research adoption work. Their content includes an outline of the pre-conference seminar at the 2009 Bushfire CRC/AFAC Annual Conference on the Gold Coast, introducing the researchers and their work; how industry can use the research; how the work can be applied more broadly than to the specific regions where it was undertaken; what the researchers expect fire managers will learn from their presentations; and the future plans the researchers have for their work.

The DVDs are recommended for anyone with an interest in the latest practical, hands-on fire research. Fire managers and others who attended the seminar will find them a valuable refresher.

The DVDs were produced with the assistance of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service.

To order

The Bushfire CRC is offering its member organisations copies of its DVD's at a limit of 5 per agency. Should there be interest beyond that number please contact Vaia Smirneos.

Bushfire CRC / AFAC Annual Conference 2009 - Gold Coast
  • Overview - Fire Fuels and Weather seminar - 15 mins, includes brief segments of interviews and presentations.
  • Lectures disk 1 & 2 - all seminar presentations on two disks
  • Interview disk - extended interviews with all presenters, approx 10mins each speaker
Individual speaker Interviews and Presentations (each speaker on separate disk)
  • Graham Mills - Atmospheric stability and the use of the Haines index in Australia
  • Rick McRae -Foehn winds in south-east Australia
  • Lachlan McCaw - Fire regimes in semi-lands
  • Andrew Dowdy - Dry lightning
  • Miguel Cruz - Shrubland fire behaviour modelling
  • Neil Davidson - Tree decline and the importance of fire in the landscape
  • Stuart Anderson - Grassland curing and links to the Grasslands Fire Danger Index

Phil Lacy - Burning under young eucalypts