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A special Bushfire CRC multimedia project is underway to capture the outputs of several research studies in specific regions of Australia, with research in south-west Western Australia the first focus. This project is being supported by the AFAC Rural Land Managers Group.

A DVD, Fire in the landscape, is now available as part of the CRC’s research adoption process for this project. Based on the special research program B1.1 “Managing Forest Fires in South Western Australia,” it analyses the past half-century of bushfire history in semi-arid Western Australia and looks at the ecological impact of various fire regimes.

The DVD features interviews with Bushfire CRC researcher, fire ecologist Dr Roy Wittkuhn of the Department of Environment and Conservation (WA); Bushfire CRC post doctoral fellow Dr Matthias Boer of the School of Plant Biology, University of Western Australia; Bushfire CRC end-user Peter Keppel, regional manager, Warren region, Department of Environment and Conservation; and Bushfire CRC project leader Dr Lachlan McCaw, principal research scientist, DEC.

The Fire in the landscape DVD will be of interest to many fire managers and planners,  not just those in Western Australia, but also to those who live and work in similar environments around Australia and abroad. It provides testament to the important collaborative approach between researchers and end users such as land managers.

Murray Carter
Manager, Fire Management Services Branch
Department of Environment and Conservation, Western Australia

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The Bushfire CRC is offering its member organisations copies of its DVD's at a limit of 5 per agency. Should there be interest beyond that number please contact Vaia Smirneos.


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