An Automated Operational System for Collating Field and Satellite Data for Grassland Curing Assessment

This is a paper presented at the 2013 Bushfire CRC Research Forum.

Depending on the growth stage of grass, certain physiological characteristics, such as water content and degree of curing (senescence), determine the susceptibility of grass to ignite or to propagate a fire. Grassland curing is an integral component of the Grassland Fire Danger Index (GFDI), which is used to determine the Fire Danger Ratings (FDRs). In providing input for the GFDI for the whole state of Victoria, this paper reports the development of two amalgamated products by the Country Fire Authority (CFA): (i) an automated web-based system which integrates weekly field observations with real time satellite data for operational grassland curing mapping, and (ii) a satellite model based on historical satellite data and historical field observations. Both products combined will provide an improved state-wide map of curing tailored for Victorian grasslands.

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