'How do Residents in Bushfire Prone Areas View the Bushfire Risk of their Local Area and their Homes?'

This is a paper presented at the 2013 Bushfire CRC Research Forum.

This paper is part of a larger research project investigating people’s perception of the bushfire risk of their own property. It analyses the 46 survey responses from residents living in Mount Wilson and Pretty Beach, NSW, Australia. It looks at two issues: resident’s perception of the bushfire risk of their local area and their own property, and in response to this perception of the local bushfire risk, which parts of their home would they seek shelter in during a bushfire and which parts would they avoid. The paper concludes that: the residents’ perception of risk did not match the NSW RFS determinations; the residents’ perception of risk did not seem to correlate closely with the construction of their house but seemed to correlate more with the characteristics of their immediate environs; there were commonalities in the spaces residents suggested they would take shelter in their own house during a bushfire.