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Mick Meyer's work focuses on smoke emissions from biomass burning, particularly quantifying the emissions of greenhouse gases and particulates from fires and the regional impacts of surface air quality.  This bring together the skills of the CSIRO team for measuring smoke emission rates at the source, chemical and physical characterisation of particulates and gaseous smoke trace compounds, atmospheric dispersion of smoke plume into the region, and population exposure to hazardous air pollutants.  These have been applied to a range of projects including:

  • The National greenhouse gas methodologies for savanna fires , prescribed burning and wildfires and the accounting methodology for savanna burning for the Carbon Farming Initiative;
  • Measurement of emission factors of dioxins and furans from bushfires that has lead to a major revision of the Stockholm Convention Accounting toolkit;
  • Measurement of the regional impact of smoke from wildfires on regional air quality, most recently in southern Tasmania.

In the previous Bushfire CRC Mick lead the project on firefighter exposure to smoke.

Mick’s area of research in the current CRC is the developing appropriate methods for estimating risk to regional populations from exposure to smoke from two aspects. There are two aspects to this:  health and visibility. The key tasks being addressed by this project are determining the most dispersion appropriate models for southern Australia, optimizing their configuration, reassessing the rates of smoke production for the major smoke components and verifying the model predictions against observed air quality for recent major fire events in Victoria, NSW and Western Australia.

Publications authored


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C.P.(Mick) Meyer; S. Lee; M.E. Cope
Conference Paper


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Journal Article



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Journal Article

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