Human Behaviour Under Stress 1


A range of factors influence decision making with respect to bushfire risk. This project has three key areas of investigation:

  1. The community level influences on individual behaviours with respect to bushfire readiness and decision making in the face of immediate threat
  2. Information processing under threat: how do individuals respond to different sorts of information
  3. How can individuals manage their own thinking to respond most appropriately to an immediate threat in an effective manner?

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This research identified the community characteristics that are important to property owners' perceptions of risk and their ability to control or influence a desired outcome.

The research focused on how these community characteristics related to structure (e.g. physical location, rural/tree change/rural/...

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A person facing a threat has two competing tasks: To manage the threat itself, perhaps by acting. And to manage the emotional response to the threat, referred to as fear control. The relationship between heightened psychological stimulation and decision-making quality is not direct and nor is it directly linked to...

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The way people feel and think will influence the way they act when faced with a threat such as the possibility of a bushfire in their area. This project investigated the relationship between anxiety, worry, and cognitive biases in residents of a bushfire prone area.

The project was led by Professor Colin...

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