Wollongong 2006: Fire Research Managers Workshop

Fire Managers Research Workshop: Wollongong 2006

Guests at event

Several international guests joined with more than 200 delegates from all around Australia and New Zealand at the Fire Manager's Research Workshop at Wollongong in July.

The event followed last year's successful workshop in Beechworth, Victoria, and included an even mix of end-users and researchers. The end-users presented alongside the researchers in a program that covered the full spectrum of Bushfire CRC research.

A highlight of the workshop was the display of the research posters - 65 in total - that were put together by the researchers and students. All these posters are now online.

An online survey was conducted after the workshop to gauge satisfaction with the event and there were 80 responses received. Overwhelmingly participants were satisfied with the event - 87% of respondents were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the overall program

In summary respondents were satisfied with:

  • The posters
  • Opportunity for informal discussion
  • The quality of the presentations
  • CRC researchers and end users together in the research into practice sessions
  • Organisation of the event by CRC staff
  • The opportunity to make contacts with CRC researchers and end users
  • The topics chosen for workshops and presentations
  • Presentations from international guests
  • The field trips – particularly the urban interface field trip hosted by NSW RFS
  • Social functions and events

Respondents would like to see:

  • More opportunity to view the posters
  • More opportunity for formal discussion
  • More discussion following presentations
  • More formal opportunities to meet researcher and end users
  • More presentations from CRC researchers

The comments from respondents will be taken on board in the future planning over research workshops.

Guests at eventGuests at eventGuests at event

News from the Event

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Research Stream Presentations

Research Posters

Author Title
'Stay or Go' - legal considerations
A 3.1 research update
A heat transfer model for wildfire spread
Aerial suppression - an end user’s prespective
Aerial suppression project - an agency perspective
An Australian fire weather data set: 1957 - 2003
An image based method to chart fire driven dynamics in semi arid grasslands
Assessment of the application of compressed air foam tankers for grassfire fighting
Brown line and response of bark to fire
Bushfire asset protection zones
Capability building in volunteers
Capability building in volunteers
Comparison of Forest Fire Danger Index from grided and station based data
CRC research on the interface zone
Decision support mechanisms for fire weather/behaviour
Decision support tools for risk analysis and management of bushfire risk
Decision support tools for risk management
Development of satellite vegetation indices to assess grassland curing across Australia and New Zealand
Development of seasonal fire weather outlook across Australia
Effects of bushfire smoke on fire-fighters and the community
Effects of cognitive factors in fighting bushfires
Evaluating community safety programs for bushfire
Fire danger rating and fire behaviour prediction - user perspective by DSE Victoria
Fire spread simulation
Fire Weather and Fire Danger
Fuel classification progress and adaptation
Interface issues
Invertebrates and fuel decomposition
Managing fire on conservation lands in SA
Plantation fire protection
Prescribed burning - summary of progress and analysis
Program evaluation a NSW Fire brigades perspectives
Reducing the cause of deliberately lit bushfires
Research measurements and Australian standards for protection against bushfire attack
Rural resilience and bushfires in East Gippsland
Safety on the Fireground
SES controller development
Smoke Management
Smoke plume modelling
The brown line and the response of bark to fire
The bush fire-fighting test
The effects of frequent burning on nutrient cycling and invertebrate herbivory
Use of decision support tools for bushfire risk management in NS
User survey to assess requirements, standards and utilisation of smoke forecast modelling
Volatile organic emissions from eucalypts and other fuels – measured using PTRMS