The day the flames came DVD

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On Tuesday 24th January 1961 disaster struck Dwellingup, a Forestry Department stronghold, deep in the jarrah forests 110kms south of Perth.

The intense bushfires destroyed the town in a matter of hours devastating a community and shaking the self-belief of some of the toughest foresters and firefighters in the business.

This DVD follows the story of some of those who fought to save their wives and children on that terrible night as the flames bore down.

The Dwellingup fire was a watershed in the way authorities manage fires and the critical lessons learned continue to have relevance today.

This film was developed by the Department of Conservation and Land Management and the Fire and Emergency Services Authority in Western Australia with the assistance of the Bushfire CRC.

Written, produced and directed by Moira Fahy, 2006.

Running time: 30 minutes.

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