Safe Prevention, Preparation and Suppression

Program B

Fire – like rain, snow, heat, drought and human activity – has long been a contributor to the nature of the Australian landscape.

Fire can be destructive and it can be beneficial. In all ecosystems, too much, too little or the wrong kind of fire can have a profound effect.

This program helped firefighters, land managers and the broader community learn to manage fire and understand its importance as a land management tool. It gained a better understanding of the role of fire in Australian ecosystems. New guidelines defined a better way to manage the bushfire risk while reducing the impact on important ecological values such as biodiversity and forest health.

A special Australian Government grant supported research on the role of fire in Australia’s high country. The HighFire Project laid the foundation for important work that will inform land managers in this pristine environment.

From the forests of Western Australia to the tropical savannas of the north, Bushfire CRC scientists looked at fire as an integral part of the landscape.

End-User Leaders in this Program included Gary Morgan (DSE), Ewan Waller (DSE), Liam Fogarty (DSE) and Tony Blanks (Forestry Tasmania).