Education program 2003 to 2010

A key reason for establishing the Bushfire CRC in 2003 was the national shortage of bushfire researchers and the absence of a national succession plan for the few fire scientists that remained. The education program was committed under the Commonwealth Agreement to have 20 qualified PhD graduates at 2010.

The program has fostered the scientific careers of 42 researchers at PhD level, with 22 submitted by end of October 2010, and several others due to submit by early 2011. When combined with post–doctoral fellows, the Bushfire CRC can claim credit for more than 80 new researchers working in the area, many with international recognition. This is providing a lasting research capability for the industry.

Students in Program B: Management of Prescribed and Wild Fires in the Landscape

Adam Leavesley
Alison O'Donnell
Andrew Edwards
Anne Miehs
Bevan McBeth
Bryony Horton
Carola Kuramotto de Bednarik
Jaymie Norris
Ken Scott
Kerryn McTaggart
Lyndsey Vivian
Madeline Osborn
Meaghan Jenkins
Philip Zylstra
Rohan Sadler
Rowena Morris
Tarryn Turnbull

Students in Program D: Protection of People and Property

Annemarie De Vos
Claire Johnson
Dane Hansen
Greg Hickey
Ian Dwyer
Jan Douglas
Jenni Raines
Julian Black
Matthew Phillips
Peter Hayes
Sean Cowlishaw
Yih-Pyng Lee