Protection of People and Property

Program D

Community expectations change over time and so does the impact of bushfires. Living, working and playing in bush areas grows ever more popular and with that comes the recognition that this lifestyle carries a certain risk to safety and wellbeing from uncontrolled bushfire.

But at the same time there is an increasing expectation that these risks will be better assessed and managed by our fire and land agencies. There is an expectation too that the health and safety of those fighting the fires is also of the highest priority.

This program examined methods to increase the safety at the interface between people, property and the natural bushland environment. It focused on the health and wellbeing of the community and firefighters through research into building protection, and firefighter health and safety. Understanding the drivers of demographic and attitudinal changes affecting volunteerism was a major focus of this program to help the fire agencies improve retention and recruitment strategies.

End User Leaders in this Program included Neil Bibby (CFA), Naomi Brown (CFA), Noreen Krusel (CFA), Karen Roberts (FESA) and Tim Anderson (NSW RFS).

Program Leader