Bushfire CRC

The Bushfire CRC’s mission is to enhance the management of the bushfire risk to the community in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner.
It includes the following objectives:

  • To develop an internationally renowned centre of excellence to lead bushfire research in Australia
  • To provide a research framework that will improve the effectiveness of bushfire management agencies
  • To increase the self-sufficiency of communities in managing the risks from bushfires.

After an initial grant through the Australian Government’s CRC program in 2003 combined with substantial partner resources, the Bushfire CRC is now funded to 2013 to address key issues raised by recent major fires.
The fire and land management and emergency services industries are currently building on the outcomes of the Bushfire CRC for the longer term with a broader new research program to include changes in climate, demographics, technology, policy and industry, as well as the lessons of the February 2009 bushfires in Victoria.

Our people

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Personal Assistant to the Research Director and Research Manager
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Fire Danger Rating Project Manager
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Business Manager
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Independent Chairman
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Research Utilisation Manager
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Strategic Adviser
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Communications Officer
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Communications Officer
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Communications Officer (Events)
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Former Deputy CEO and Research Director
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Research Manager