Research findings from community interviews: October 2013 NSW bushfires

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TitleResearch findings from community interviews: October 2013 NSW bushfires
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMcLennan, J, Wright, L, Birch, A
ISBN Number978-0-9925027-3-7
AbstractDuring October 2013, many areas of NSW were impacted by bushfires that caused significant losses. In order to learn from these fire events, NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) commissioned the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) to undertake research in three affected areas to document the experiences of samples of residents. The areas selected by NSW RFS were: the greater Blue Mountains, Port Stephens, and the Southern Highlands. The Bushfire CRC research program had two components: (a) interviews with residents in the selected areas; and (b) invitations to residents in the selected areas to complete an online survey questionnaire. This report summarises findings from interviews with residents. Over three 3-day periods, joint Bushfire CRC–NSW RFS teams visited a geographical spread of properties in each of the three areas and interviewed residents about their experiences of the October bushfire events. A total of 466 properties were visited, 227 residents were contacted, and 177 interviews were conducted. A further 17 residents were interviewed by telephone. Of the total 194 interviews conducted, the sub-totals by area were: greater Blue Mountains, 79; Port Stephens, 52; Southern Highlands, 63.