Research findings from the online survey: October 2013 NSW bushfires

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TitleResearch findings from the online survey: October 2013 NSW bushfires
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsPenman, TD
ISBN Number978-0-9925027-3-7
AbstractIn October 2013, a number of large destructive bushfire resulted in the loss of property in the greater Sydney area. Following such events, it is important to liaise with the community to understand their action on the day and what agency information was effective and what was not. Learning from these events means that management responses can be improved for future bushfires, hopefully resulting in a reduced loss of property and ongoing protection of life. Complimenting the community interviews that took place, this report analyses on online survey of 775 participants, investigating their various aspects of bushfire community safety such as bushfire preparation, bushfire survival plans and information received.