Fire Updates Newsletter

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Issue No: 42
The March Bushfire CRC newsletter contains updates on the research survey work being carried out in the Perth hills following last month's fires, the Convair water bomber trial and more.
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Issue No: 41
The final Fire Update for 2010 highlights the key achievements of the year for the Bushfire CRC, and reports on a visit by the Victorian Fire Commissioner and a Board meeting in NZ.
Issue No: 40
This Fire Update has a report on the Stakeholder Council AGM, a call for papers for the annual conference, and more.
Field trip for mallee burning
Issue No: 39
This new look Fire Update contains articles on the field trips for the new Quick Guide for predicting fire behaviour in mallee country, and on the Busting Bushfire Myths public forum in Adelaide. It includes blogs from the CEO and on research and research utilisation.
Research and the Royal Commission
Issue No: 38
The final report of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission report was released on Saturday 31 July 2010. It makes 67 recommendations based on the extensive evidence heard by the Commission following the Black Saturday bushfires of 7 February 2009, in which 173 people died.
Lessons from the research
Issue No: 37
The Bushfire CRC has issued 10 DVDs packed with practical information for fire managers and planners, based on a range of research conducted around Australia and New Zealand.
Coordination of multi-agency emergency management to reduce community consequenc
Issue No: 36
This research project aims to reduce the consequences of emergency events to communities by investigating multi-agency information flows in emergency management coordination.
New online resource for protecting firefighters
Issue No: 35
The Protecting Firefighters Information Package developed by the Bushfire CRC combines work from research projects on Safe Behaviour and Decision Making (led by Dr Mary Omodei, La Trobe University), Effective Incident Management Teams (led by Dr Christine Owen, University of Tasmania), and Firefighter Health and Safety (led by Dr Brad Aisbett, Deakin University, and David Nichols, CFA).
Fire Behaviour Investigation – Field Data Collection
Issue No: 34
Immediately following any major bushfire event there is a great need to collect good information, including data about what the fire did, where it burnt and what it burnt. Collecting good quality data from a number of sources on the bushfire’s behaviour and spread is essential to reconstructing the events of the bushfire.
Royal Commission – Interim Report
Issue No: 33
On 17 August the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission handed down its interim report to the Victorian Government. While there were a range of recommendations made concerning the operation of Victorian agencies there were also key recommendations that will have implications for all fire, land and emergency management agencies around Australia.
Satellites improve grassland curing assessments
Issue No: 32
The curing process is the dying of grasses during the dry season. The degree of curing represents the proportion of dead material in a grassland fuel complex. In simple terms, it is the percentage of grass fuel that is dead.
2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission
Issue No: 31
Royal commissions are the most powerful form of public enquiry in our system. They have broad coercive powers of investigation, including the power to compel witnesses to give evidence and produce documents.