Fireys needed for heat study

Photo: CFS Promotions Unit

Bushfire CRC PhD student Brianna Larsen at Deakin University is studying how very hot conditions influence firefighters’ work performance and safety when on the fireground. She needs volunteers to help with the next phase of her PhD.

To help with her research, Brianna is looking for male volunteer firefighters who are Melbourne-based to simulate building a firebreak (using a rakehoe), and perform a low-intensity step test, in temperatures of 18°C and 45°C. Participants will simultaneously undergo physiological (eg., heart rate and core temperature measurement) and cognitive (eg., memory, attention) tests, to assess how safely they’re able to perform the work.

Participants will be required to attend Deakin University in Burwood on three occasions:

  • One x 1 hour ‘familiarisation’ session
  • One x 3 hour work simulation in 18°C
  • One x 3 hour work simulation in 45°C

Ideally, all three sessions would be conducted within a two week period.

If you are interested in participating in the study or would like to find out more, please contact Brianna via email