Ministers discuss Institute

The future of fire research was discussed at the June meeting of the Standing Council for Police and Emergency Management (SCPEM).

This council is a part of the Council of Australian Governments and is made up of all the state emergency services ministers and the federal Attorney General.

The council decided to form a committee to develop a proposal on a research institute for fire and natural hazards for the next SCPEM, in November 2012.

The meeting produced a Communique with a section that was of particular relevance to the Bushfire CRC.

Under the heading Research and Knowledge Management it stated:

  • Ministers acknowledge the importance of adopting a strategic national approach to natural hazards research and training as key to strengthening Australia's resilience to disasters.
  • Ministers endorsed the concept of a national platform to oversee natural hazards research, knowledge management and training. Such a platform will adopt a collaborative, intergrated approach that capitalises on exisiting facilities and networks, and builds on the work of the Bushfire CRC and other research bodies to advance natural hazards research. 

The full Communique is on the Attorney General’s website.


Release date

Mon, 13/08/2012