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Associate Student - Masters

Darryl is a Bushfire CRC Associate Student, and is completing a Masters in Emergency Management through Charles Sturt University. His research topic is ‘The exposure of emergency service personnel to asbestos’.

Darryl's research aim is to compare current Australian emergency services training, policies and procedures when the likelihood of exposure to asbestos is suspected or confirmed, ensuring they comply with Australian Standards and current Australian best practice policies.

The final product of Darryl's research will support the recommendations of the Asbestos Management Review (Australian Government, 2012) by consisting of three stages:

  1. A full report based on the research undertaken.
  2. An ‘Asbestos Awareness Workshop’ that can be used by any emergency service ororganisation to provide an induction on how to work with asbestos in the workplace or at incident scenes.
  3. A journal article for a peer reviewed publication.

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