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Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (CAWCR), Bureau of Meteorology

Dr Jeff Kepert works in the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (CAWCR), which undertakes research to improve scientific understanding of, and the ability to forecast, Australia’s climate and weather.

Jeff originally studied at the University of Western Australia, majoring in pure mathematics and statistics. After joining the Bureau of Meteorology in 1984, he worked as a forecaster for a couple of years before returning to study for a MSc in dynamical meteorology at Monash University. This led to a period working as an instructor in the Bureau’s training centre, before moving to the Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre in 1992 to study the representation of clouds in numerical weather prediction systems.

In 2002, he completed a part-time PhD on tropical cyclone boundary layer winds at Monash University. Jeff's research projects include tropical cyclone dynamics, air–sea exchange, boundary layers and turbulence, high-resolution wind prediction, data assimilation, and bushfire meteorology. Recent career highlights include co-editing the second edition of “Global Perspectives on Tropical Cyclones”, and co-chairing the organising committee of the WMO Seventh International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones. He presently leads the High Impact Weather Research team within CAWCR.

Publications authored


K.J. Tory; W. Thurston; R.J.B. Fawcett; J.D. Kepert; J.J. Sharples; R.H.D. McRae; T. Bannister; P. Fox-Hughes
Conference Paper
R.P. Cechet; I. French; J.D. Kepert; K.G. Tolhurst; C.P.(Mick) Meyer; R.J.B. Fawcett; W. Thurston; T.J. Duff; D. Chong; M. Keywood; M.E. Cope


J.D. Kepert; R.J.B. Fawcett; K.J. Tory; W. Thurston
Conference Proceedings
R.J.B. Fawcett; W. Thurston; J.D. Kepert; K.J. Tory
Conference Proceedings

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