Emphasising the advances

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Monday, November 11, 2013 - 10:46pm

After the upcoming Annual General Meeting on 21 November in Melbourne there will be a bonus event for Bushfire CRC partners. A half day showcase, placed immediately after the AGM, will emphasise the advances in knowledge since Black Saturday across all scientific disciplines, as well as the achievements of the Bushfire CRC PhD student program to all partners.

The afternoon will highlight the impact the research program has had on the fire and land management sectors, as well as reflect on the contribution of student PhDs in adding depth and breadth to the entire research program.

This student program has been an important aspect of the Bushfire CRC; it was a key reason for establishing the Bushfire CRC, with a national shortage of bushfire researchers and the absence of a national succession plan for the few fire scientists that remained in the early 2000’s. The Bushfire CRC has achieved this: by the end of this year, close to 100 Bushfire CRC-sponsored PhD’s will have finished their studies.

Don’t forget that the special Bushfire CRC event ‘Putting research to good use’, will take place in 2014 at the conclusion of the summer bushfire season. Both this event, and this month’s AGM showcase, are important events for presenting the final research outputs to Bushfire CRC partners.