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Gary Morgan has spent more than 20 years in senior land and fire management roles. As Victoria’s Chief Fire Officer for public lands, for nine years, he was responsible for the management and deployment of fire suppression personnel. Since becoming CEO of the Bushfire CRC in mid-2007, Gary has worked to foster strong relationships between researchers and the industry.

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I would like to take the opportunity to let you know about several upcoming activities of the Bushfire CRC

Stakeholder Council

The Bushfire CRC Stakeholder Council will meet on 16 April 2008 in Melbourne on the 2nd...


Bushfire CRC Research and Research Adoption and Budget Planning Meeting

Over the last two days the Bushfire CRC Program Leaders, End User Leaders, Bushfire CRC staff and the Chair of the Bushfire CRC’s Users’ Research Committee have been...


Letter to All CRCs

Dear CRC Stakeholders

I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with an update on the CRC Program, including timing of the next selection round, and changes to the Department.


Dear Bushfire CRC partner

2007 draws to a close with the Bushfire CRC over the half way point in its current program. And with that the Bushfire CRC carries a strong sense of obligation to deliver on its early promise with outcomes that...


Activity at the Bushfire CRC has not slowed since the hectic days of the Hobart conference in September

Here is a brief outline of what has been happening and what is planned for the near future.

South Australian...



I would like to acknowledge the tremendous success of the recent AFAC / Bushfire CRC Tassie Conference. It was pleasing to note 31 presentations were given as a direct result of Bushfire CRC research. This clearly...



One of the more important events in the fire and land management industries’ year is almost upon us again –the joint CRC / AFAC Conference is being held in Hobart next week. The last edition of this Newsletter (September 5th...



I am writing today to all CRC Stakeholder partners, researchers, students and others associated with the Bushfire CRC to announce my departure from the CRC after four exciting years as CEO.

The case...


New CRC Bid Gains Momentum

The major development for the Bushfire CRC and its partners in recent months has been the rapid acceleration of efforts to mount a high quality bid for a new CRC in the 2008 selection round. This round will decide...


New End-User Leaders for Bushfire CRC Programs

I am writing to provide an update on new End User Leader roles in the Bushfire CRC.

The End User Leaders play an important role in working with the CRC's Program Leaders...